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Tips and tricks for teachers and parents – great webpages, part I

When teachers or parents want to include a child with special needs in the classroom, there are some great resources to be found on the web.

We provide some great and helpful resources here:

The inclusive class 

– a webpage that promotes  inclusion of students with special needs in the general education classroom through information, tips and strategies. Includes great and numerous resources for parents, teachers, as well as articles and a podcast.



Argentinian cases now on!

Our Argentinian team from a non-governmental organization CIPPEC ( visited three schools in the Buenos Aires area. These schools aim for full inclusion of students coming from various backgrounds and also from poor areas of the town. It is great to see schools treating their pupils with compassion, respect and care. Look them up here:

Slovak Supreme Court rules for inclusion of children with disabilities



Ela is a lovely girl of 10 years old that happens to have intellectual disability and a hearing impairment. Her parents wanted her to study at a local mainstream primary school in an area where they live. After refusal of the principal to enrol her in the school, saying they cannot cope with her disabilities, her family approached a human rights lawyer. Ela took the case up to the Supreme Court and won! The Court stated that the denial of inclusive education and reasonable accomodation for her disabilities constitutes dicrimination. This result may help thousands of children in Slovakia that are segregated within the education system.

Read about the case here:

Slovak-Romanian meeting

We were lucky enough to be able to meet personally, and our two teams – Romanian and Slovak ones met in Bratislava in June 2015 to discuss research findings, new challenges ahead and further development of the second phase of the research.

A happy teamwork

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