inclusive education for all children.

International and collaborative effort focused on shaping the way we understand the education system and its ability to cover our children's diverse needs.

Inclusive Education

Every child is unique. Every child has the right to equal education that is adaptable to their needs and capacities. Healthy enviroment of acceptance is the next critical leap on our path towards fair schooling system.

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Worldwide Collaboration

Our endeavour spans four countries and consists of four international teams. Despite coming from diverse parts of the globe, we are dealing with same issues. We help each other within a global initiative for inclusive school.

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Everything we learn is carefully recorded and published periodically. We hope our pursuit will inspire those who share our passion for equal education. Our resources are accessible for everyone and for free.

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“If every child matters, every child has the right to a good start in life. If every child matters, every child has the right to be included. And that is so important for children with special needs.” – Cherie Blair

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